Project 22

Painfully inspired by the recent Department of Veterans Affairs estimation that 22 veterans commit suicide every day, this campaign is entitled Project 22.

Last year, two combat-wounded Veterans set off on a motorcycle journey across America. Their 6,500-mile mission was to raise awareness about the high rate of suicide amongst Veterans. During their journey, they  interview leading researchers, mental health clinicians and educators who specialize in Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress, as well as a leading expert in Warrior Culture and Combat Stress. They also get real life stories of Veterans whom have contemplated or attempted suicide and were able to identify life-saving sources of hope.

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i. am Boyle Heights

i. am Boyle Heights will be a short documentary highlighting the transformation happening in Will i am.'s community of Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles. We worked directly with Enrique Legaspi, Chief of Staff for the i. am Angel Foundation, and the students of i. am College Track, highlighting the renovation of their student center to prepare them for higher learning. The majority of the film has been shot, we need funds to help us finish filming and begin post-production.

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Adam also created and taught a documentary analysis class to the students of i. am College Track.


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Respect 101 is a web series working with Fidel Rodriguez who has worked for the past 20 years to support underserved and at-risk youth in Los Angeles County. His education and expertise enable him in creating and facilitating trainings on culture, history, self-discipline and physical education. His expertise ranges from radio production, concert and event programming to self awareness and discipline trainings focusing on “at risk” and “gang” involved youth and adults.

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Respect 101 will feature a celebrity, artist, musician or influential figure who will visit youth incarcerated in LA's juvenile hall system. Such guests that have spoken include: Big Boy from POWER 106, Danny Trejo, and Freddie Roach.  Together with Fidel, celebrities will tell their stories of transformation, leaving the youth with hope and inspiration.