Project 22

In June of last year I had the opportunity to meet Daniel Egbert and Matt "Doc" King of Project 22. After serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, these two best friends faced their personal struggles in transitioning back into civilian life. It was through a personal and life altering experience that they came together to find solutions. During this search, the VA came out with a study estimating that 22 Veterans commit suicide everyday due to Post Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury caused by the wars. Once they realized they weren't the only veterans facing such crises, they joined forces to raise awareness and support to ensure that we extinguished the number 22.

The film follows Dan and Doc on their Harley's 6,500 miles from San Francisco to Ground Zero in New York City in their search for solutions. GROW Awareness Agency was honored to edit their feature documentary which has already screened in over 100 theaters nation-wide. Starting as an independent film which was primarily funded by the public, Project 22 was blessed to have some of the top companies in the industry donate their post-production services to help finish the film.